• These candles begin with the capture of LiDAR elevation data of our mountains. LiDAR stands for light detection and ranging, and bounces light beams off terrain and measures the time to return. Divide the time it takes to return by the speed of light and you can know the distance to an object or surface. With an aerial use of this process it is possible to create a very high resolution topographical data set. Cascadia Candle Co has converted these data sets into three dimensional renderings of the mountains.
  • A MakerGear M2 3D printer was used to bring these digital models into the physical world. We believe that the accessibility of 3d printing will drive drastic change in the world of product design. It is only very recently that this technology has been available at an accessible price to small or aspiring companies.
  • Cutting edge manufacturing and information technology meet one of the world's oldest inventions, the candle. The result brings people closer to the natural world.
  • While technology frequently serves to distance us from the natural world, we believe we have found an application that deepens our connection to the wild places that still exist.
  • We have big plans for future Candles: Shasta, Baker, Denali, The Hawaiian Islands, from the sea floor up(taller than Everest) the list goes on.
  • We are a small three person team, passionate about the Pacific Northwest.
  • We support local sustainable bee keeping. All our beeswax is 100% pure and comes from the USA.
  • All aspects of product development and future manufacturing will take place in the USA. We will make each candle one at a time in our production space in Portland, OR.  
  • Please contact with any additional questions - jim@cascadiacandle.com